Sport Health articles

Several articles related to different aspects of the NoGAPS project have been  published in Sport Health, Sports Medicine Australia’s quarterly member magazine. Sport Health covers topical health issues and the interests and activities of the various disciplines which make up the sports science and medicine and health promotion community within Australia.

Copies of the articles below are available by looking up the relevant edition of Sport Health on the SMA Sport Health website


Donaldson A. NoGAPS: FootyFirst: Keeping Australian community football players on the field by preventing leg injuries. Sport Health. 2014;31(4):34–36.


Donaldson A, Gabbe BJ, Lloyd D, Cook J, Ekegren C, Finch CF. NoGAPS: Lessons learnt from implementing FootyFirst in 2012. Sport Health. 2012;30(3):40–41.

Ekegren C, Finch CF, Donaldson A, Gabbe BJ. Tracking injuries in community sport. Sport Health. 2012;30(3):42–43.


Donaldson A, Gabbe BJ, Young W, Finch CF. Sports injury prevention: Maximising public health benefit. Sport Health. 2011;29(3):48–51.

Finch CF, Gabbe BJ, Lloyd D, Cook J, Young W, Nicholson M, Seward H, Donaldson A, Doyle T, White P. Sports injury prevention: improving outcomes. Sport Health. 2011;29(1):34–37.



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