NoGAPS partners

An effective public health response to sports injury requires a multi-agency approach. The NoGAPS project was the first to bring together the full range of stakeholder groups to tackle the problem of community sports safety in Australia. Although some of our partners have a strong history of working together, this project provided an exciting and significant opportunity to forge new links and to contribute jointly to an innovative and strategic approach to sports safety.

NoGAPS received major funding from the NHMRC through its NHMRC partnerships project grant scheme, as well as several partner agencies. The project protocol was developed collaboratively by all researchers and partners. Much of the NoGAPS Project’s identified strategic need, and the specific context of its development (in Australian Football), were suggested by our partners.

The partners and their major role in safety policy and dissemination are:

  1. The Australian Football League (AFL)  the national non-government organisation responsible for the delivery of Australian Football, including the setting of all safety rules, policies and practices specifically for this sport. It covers all levels of play from professional athletes to community participants and children. Visit the AFL general website or the AFL community website  for further information.
  2. The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) an independent statutory body, and the world’s first health promotion foundation, VicHealth creates and funds world-class interventions and conducts vital research to advance Victoria’s population health. VicHealth  a mandate that includes encouraging, facilitating and supporting sustained participation in sport and physical activity, including through the removal of barriers to participation such as injury. Visit the VicHealth website for more information. Follow VicHealth on Twitter at @VicHealth.
  3. The New South Wales Sporting Injuries Committee (NSWSIC) a NSW non-profit statutory organisation that provides serious injuries insurance and promotes injury prevention and safe sport practices across New South Wales. Visit the NSWSIC website for more information.
  4. Jardine, Lloyd, Thompson Australia Sport (JLT Sport) the major sports insurance broker agency in Australia, providing insurance cover for many sports nationally, including Australian Football. It has invested significantly in risk management approaches for sports safety as a means of reducing insurance premiums by improving community sports safety leading to fewer insurance claims. Visit the JLT Sport website for more information.
  5. Sport and Recreation Victoria, Department of Health and Human Services  the Victorian state government body responsible for providing strategic leadership, funding and support to the sport and recreation industry to improve facilities and increase community participation in sport and active recreation. Visit the Sport and Recreation Victoria website for more information.
  6. Sports Medicine Australia (SMA)  a not-for-profit non-government organisation that is Australia’s peak sports medicine authority and professional body. This group: (a) trains those involved in sports first aid who address injury problems as they arise on sporting fields; (b) advocates for sports safety; (c) provides professional development opportunities for professionals engaged in all aspects of sports safety; (d) develops and disseminates guidelines on a range of sports safety issues; and (e) delivers Smartplay, the national sports safety programme. The project is partnering with both the national body (visit the SMA national website for more information or follow SMA on Twitter @SMACEO) and the Victorian state branch (visit the SMA Victorian branch website for more information).

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