FootyFirst Program

FootyFirst is a 5 level progressive exercise program specifically targeted at preventing common lower limb injuries in community Australian football players. For information about why your team should do FootyFirst, have a look here. For information about how to introduce FootyFirst at your club, have a look here.

FootyFirst is designed to replace the traditional warm up used at football training. It takes about 20 minutes to complete and does not require any special equipment

Performed correctly and frequently, FootyFirst will improve performance and reduce injury risk. It will improve players’ leg strength and control – from their hip to hamstring, groin to thigh, lower leg, knee, ankle and foot.

FootyFirst should be part of all training sessions. It should be completed at least twice a week.

FootyFirst was developed by the NoGAPS research team based on:

FootyFirst includes a warm-up followed by exercises and drills to prevent groin, hamstring, knee and ankle injuries.

The resources to support the FootyFirst program includes a comprehensive coaches’ manual , a series of posters and videos of how to do the exercises properly.

If coaches, clubs, players or support staff are interested in how FootyFirst could be implemented or adapted for their own communities send an enquiry   using the contact form or contact Alex Donaldson directly at or 0n 0409 082 892

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