“As an AFL coach, I am acutely aware of the need to prepare my players for the rigours of playing elite  level football.

To win the ultimate prize, players need to play at  their maximum physical capability and to remain injury-free – every time a player can’t take the field, the chance of the team performing well and winning matches is reduced.

Every coach, no matter what level of football they are involved in, has a responsibility to make sure their players are well prepared when they take the field.  This responsibility is not only in the short-term and about winning and losing games, though of course that is important. Equally important, in the longer term, is making sure that the risk of injuries is minimised for all players. Injuries sustained playing football can have a profound impact on individuals for the rest of their lives — just talk to anyone who has suffered a serious ankle or knee injury while playing football.

FootyFirst is an exercise training program that has been developed specifically to reduce the risk of leg injuries in community football. It is based on the latest and best scientific evidence.

If you only have a short time to work with your players and you are looking for a warm-up, strength and conditioning program that will help your team in the short term and your players in the long term, I highly recommend you think about implementing FootyFirst properly and consistently at your club.”

Chris Scott
AFL Premiership Coach 2011 Geelong Football Club


Hugh Seward

The AFL Medical Officers Association believes FootyFirst has the potential to reduce the risk of leg injuries for community football players and lead to improved individual and team performance. FootyFirst is based on the latest available research and is similar to the programs used in AFL clubs but modified to suit the needs, context and abilities in community football. The AFL Medical Officers Association highly recommends FootyFirst to all community football coaches and players. This is the type of training program that will ensure you get the most out of your players.”

Hugh Seward

Executive Officer,  AFL Medical Officers Association September 2011


DB head and shoulders

Implementing a structured warm-up enhances injury prevention. FootyFirst is based on the best available research evidence and it is designed specifically for community Australian football. The exercises included in FootyFirst, and the progressive loading and technique-focused training principals underpinning the program are similar to those used extensively across the AFL with appropriate adaptations to suit community football players, coaches and clubs. As a high performance manager at an AFL club I would strongly encourage every community football club and coach to embrace FootyFirst. FootyFirst will help build fitter, stronger and more resilient footballers”.

David Buttifant (PhD in sports physiology)

Sports Science Director, Collingwood Football Club 2001–13 including 2010 premiership and Grand Finals in 2002, 2003 and 2011

High Performance Manager, Carlton Football Club 2014–15


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