About NoGAPS

The National Guidance for Australian Football Partnerships and Safety (NoGAPS) project identified the factors that influence the translation of research evidence into sports injury prevention practice in community sport, using community Australian Football as the example. It is provides evidence for the effectiveness of an evidence-based lower limb injury prevention exercise-training program specifically for community Australian Football.

In addition to collecting effectiveness evidence, this NHMRC funded research partnership also directed significant research attention towards understanding: how sports safety policy is set, particularly at the community level; how consensus can be reached among sports safety experts in the community and sport governing body settings; and how evidence-based safety guidelines can best be developed, packaged and delivered to community sport.

The major outcome of the NoGAPS project is FootyFirst, an evidence-based exercise program  to prevent lower limb injuries in community Australian Football.

FootyFirst is being rolled out nationally by the AFL in 2016

To find out more about NoGAPS as a research project, check out the NoGAPS protocol paper published in Injury Prevention.

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